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About us

Hi Mates, welcome to Travel Guide Australia! This website is born from passion and love for Australia. Years ago we dream about living and working in Australia. In 2019 we’ve made a huge step and moved to tropical Darwin in Northern Territory. Nowadays we enjoy the Aussie life and try to explore this beautiful country as much as we can. We like to hike, spotting wildlife, having a beer, visiting a festival and enjoying beautiful coast lines. Living in Australia is a dream and a great experience that we want to share with you! 

On Travel Guide Australia we share all our Aussie travel adventures. Honest stories with great travel tips and our experiences about Australia. What are our favourite accommodation, events and tours.? Where can you eat the best chicken parmigiana? What are the best beaches of New South Wales? What are the most beautiful places to visit during a Tropical North Queensland trip?

Thanks for reading our travel blogs and sharing your love for Australia!

Have a good journey!

Cheers Jesper, Joey & Martin

Team Travel Guide Australia

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